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Meet the Characters


Beatrix comes from a long line of mercantile owners. Her family has always collected and repaired antique furniture, clocks and other bits and bobs. One thing her family never sold was their massive collection of interesting and unique keys.


Beatrix has traveled all over the world and various realms due to the strange events that seem to curse her. On occasion, when she’s holding a new key a sneeze will come upon her and she suddenly finds herself transported to a different place entirely!


This has allowed her to have adventures in many unique places, including a very memorable pirate community. Whenever she can, she tries to open up a mercantile shop in memory of her lost family, but very soon after she will find herself in another strange area. Wherever she ends up, she always loves to meet new people and explore the interesting places she ends up at.




When Billy was a young baby, he fell from his mothers back and lived in the wilds of the Frontier on his own. Being young and weak, every day was a fight for survival until he was rescued and then later awakened by a Gnoll Shaman. The shaman trained Billy to be her assistant but since Billy was unfortunately colorblind he was unable to properly identify the herbs and flowers needed in the Shaman’s practice. Finding himself once again abandoned, Billy lived on the streets of Shada until Sintra Redmaw found him being bullied by some of the grooming opossums. Sintra encouraged Billy to fight back and Billy found the courage to do so.


Ever since, Billy has been Sintra’s best friend and eventual bodyguard. When Sintra was commanded by her mother to head to the Ironwoods, Billy naturally had to follow along. 






Growing up in the Feywild, Blackjack was the typical middle child who was always trying to get attention. A hard feat with 23 siblings running around!


Blackjack tended to act out a lot and soon found himself as the ringleader in multiple shenanigans and soon became fast friends with a spiderkin named Ziansi. With Blackjack’s clever mind and Ziansi’s stealth getting them in and out of most situations, the two friends had great fun everyday. One prank went sideways however; getting both of them banished from the Feywild.


Turns out the Sneaky One didn’t appreciate the sugar in his sacramental treatos being replaced with salt!  During their stay in a big city, the two friends heard a rumor of a portal in the Ironwoods that might lead them back to the Feywilds and they soon joined a caravan heading to the northwest. 


As a young pup, Jaska was one of the pups held captive by the Empire’s General; Aldonza. Rescued by a wandering group of heroes, Jacka has fond memories of the man who saved her and her friends. Holding the man who rescued her as her own personal hero, Jaska grew up working as hard as she could to become stronger and always willing to help those in need. Despite that traumatic event in her life, Jaska tries her best to always look on the bright side of life and not let herself be dragged into the darkness that also exists. 


Being the daughter of the pack leader, once Jaska reached the age of maturity she set off to make her own pack. Jaska decided to join a caravan heading to the Ironwoods to gain some experience and maybe find the man who rescued her when she was younger.




Ziansi was raised in a carefree and communal cluster of spiderkin in the Feywild. Life for Ziansi was good and quite exciting once Ziansi made fast friends with Blackjack the Jackalopefolk. Due to a pank they pulled on the Sneaky One's sacred treatos both Ziansi and Blackjack found themselves banished from the Feywild. 


Ziansi is amazed and slightly confused by all the wonders of the material plane. The smells, flavors, sights, and sounds of a major city are all fascinating but the cultural nuances are often very alarming for the spiderkin (especially the people freaked out by such an unusual race to the material plane). Hearing a rumor of a potential way back to the Feywild, Ziansi and Blackjack join a caravan heading to the Ironwoods.




Twitch learned early in his life that kids can be very mean. Growing up bullied, and given the nickname ‘Twitch Old Sock’ by his peers, Twitch lived a lonely life. His mother often told Twitch that he should just laugh with the other kids and try to make some friends, but nothing Twitch tried seemed to work. 


One day, Twitch discovered the ability to manipulate the weave, and with it he began to learn about the powers that govern life and death. He soon concocted a grand scheme but he needed the perfect individuals to help realize his goals. Now, perfectly positioned with a group of traveling companions, Twitch will either use the power of Necromancy to turn them all into his minions or, maybe, his heroism might just make them his true friends. 



Red Dirt Dnd Character art provded by Connor Shenold


Sintra was born the eldest daughter of the Matron of Clan Redmaw and has lived a fairly privileged life. As a young child she and the son of the Grinning Moon Clan were betrothed and a celebration took place in the city of Shada, only for the Matron of Grinning Moon to be assassinated that very day.

As the eldest, Sintra is poised to take over the Redmaw Clan, but first she most prove that she can handle such responsiblities. As such, her mother sent Sintra to the Ironwoods to assist the Ironweaver’s Matron so that she can learn to be a better leader.

Setting off from the city of Shada, Sintra is joined by her best friend and ‘bodyguard’ Billy.



Former Characters

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