Who We Are

Red Dirt D&D was founded in early 2020 by Ashley "Ash" King and Michael Cross. Both believe in the power of Dungeons & Dragons as a storytelling medium and decided to combine their talents to create an actual-play podcast that showcased Oklahoma players and a unique, western-inspired story.

It is our sincere hope that you enjoy listening to Red Dirt D&D just as much as we enjoy making it for you!

Our first campaign is "Tales from the Ka'alban Frontier" starting Brook Bullock, Michael Cross, Kyri Hester, and Johnnie Payne.


Taking place on the continent of Ovathir in the western half of Rutoya, our heroes have been tasked by the Dwarven-owned Blackhands Rail Company to explore and create a working map of the Ka'alban Frontier - an imposing, untamed wilderness teeming with adventure. Numerous obstacles stand in our heroes' way, including harsh desert conditions, the wildlife, outlaws, and a legendary dragon called Thundercrack, but with skill and luck they'll be able to overcome these challenges and uncover the secrets of the Ka'alban.


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