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Who We Are

Red Dirt D&D is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition actual-play audio podcast that comes from the minds of both Ashley "Ash" King and Michael Cross. Red Dirt D&D’s highest goal is to tell good stories with a unique, Oklahoma twist. They strongly believe that D&D is a vehicle for cooperative storytelling between everyone who sits down at a table together. They wanted to use Dungeons & Dragons to tell stories that people will enjoy listening to on a weekly basis, and Red Dirt D&D grew from that desire in early 2020.

Our first campaign is 'Tales from the Ka'alban Frontier,' a completely unique and brand new setting created by Ash just for Red Dirt D&D! The Ka'alban Frontier takes inspiration from the American Southwest and combines Western and Fantasy tropes in a whole new way.


 It is our sincere hope that you enjoy listening to Red Dirt D&D just as much as we enjoy making it for you. 


Get on your cowboy hats and mount up on your dragons, it's going to be a wild ride!

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