Cast of Red Dirt DnD

Cast of Red Dirt DnD

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The creative mind behind Red Dirt D&D and the Ka'alban Frontier setting. Ash has been playing D&D for the past 5 years, nearly since the beginning of 5e. They are heavily involved with the organized play side of D&D in Oklahoma and you can often find them helping out with events such as SoonerCon and Extra Life as an Admin - or "Overlord" as some have dubbed them. They are the self-proclaimed "Trash Queen of the Underdark" and hope to one day take over writing Drow lore.

When not running D&D games, Ash enjoys numerous creative pursuits. They dabble in just about everything from writing, to traditional art mediums, to photography, to cosplay. They're also trying to become the manager of their three cats' and dog's Instagram career. In addition, you can find them reading tarot cards at local Oklahoma conventions as The Chaos Fox.




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Kyri Hester combined her love of storytelling, mythology, improv acting, and worldbuilding into a love of D&D just 2 short years ago. She quickly dove headfirst into the game, watching hours of lore videos on Youtube as well as binging many other actual play D&D podcasts. 


Outside of D&D, Kyri makes a living teaching English and Mythology at her small hometown high school. When she’s not playing or working, Kyri enjoys painting, knitting, reading, writing cringy fan-fiction which she refuses to let anyone read, and confirming Yes, Netflix, she’s still watching. If given an opportunity she will wax poetic about the importance of secondary characters and the societal implications of house elves and pokemon for hours, so maybe steer clear unless you have a few hours to kill.




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Michael Cross hosts Morning Edition on KOSU as well as his personal Okie Geek Podcast. Michael began playing Dungeons and Dragons with his own friends as well as his father and his friends in the early 80s. After taking an extended break from the game, he returned to play in 5e with his son, Aidyn, who now DMs his own games with his friends. The true blessing was bringing his wife, Kimberly, into D&D. 




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Brook has taught English for over 25 years and has been an Advanced Placement Consultant for the College Board since 1997.  

Brook started playing D&D with the 1980s Red Box (Mentzer Edition) and moved into AD&D 1e & 2e, but then took a break to during the 1990s "to be an adult.” However, some of his closest, lifelong friends from those gaming days still get together from scattered locations across the country once a year for an all-weekend-long gaming binge. It was one of those marathon weekends that introduced Brook to D&D 3rd Edition, and he was hooked once again.


When not spending time in Ovathir, Greyhawk, or Golarion, Brook enjoys outdoor activities with his wife and family, riding his motorcycle, and reading into the wee hours of the night.  




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Johnnie is an actor who has appeared both on stage and in film. His involvement in theatre extends to having served on a theatre board of directors and directing community shows. Along with his early discovery and love of theatre, Johnnie fell upon Dungeons & Dragons at an early age and has been an active gamer ever since. From writing a Live Action RPG to Game Mastering, Johnnie enjoys the creative outlet and escapism of being at the table. He and his wife activly host a monthly game night for their family and friends.




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Connor joins the cast in later episodes to play a character that had started out as a NPC.

Connor started playing D&D since early 5e and, though he has played many classes, always gravitates towards wizards and other caster classes. They have many creative hobbies including graphic design, photography, reading and writing fan-fiction of various fandoms. 




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