Gideon Block

Half-Elven Paladin

A man with a tragic past, Gideon Block is returning to his homeland in search of redemption. Gideon was born and raised in the wastes Ka’alban Frontier. He sought a different life in the bustling metropolis of Venturis where he made a living as a private detective and bounty hunter. Gideon now finds himself with a purpose now in serving Daga, the Goddess of light and knowledge in the hopes of bringing justice to the lawless lands in the a Ka’alban Frontier. 

Mak'ren Stoneshaper

Dwarven Stone Sorcerer

Despite a rigid upbringing and strict teachings, the oddities of young Mak'ren Stoneshaper's personality could not be suppressed. Many Dwarves saw him as being a danger to society because the Dwarven child just seemed to have no willpower or self-control - and oftentimes not even the Common Sense to follow the simplest of  Dwarven traditions.  Despite this, Mak'ren might have overcome his situation if an unforeseen, latent talent had not sprung forth as he entered his juvenile years: sorcery!

It was therefore surprising, yet welcome, when Mak'ren's uncle Jakobi Blackhands, a Rail Manager for the Blackhands Railway Company asked Mak'ren to be a part of the expedition to map the Ka'alban Frontier. The young, naive Dwarf heartily accepted the opportunity to get away from the oppressive rules of Dwarven society in the hopes of proving that his gifts are not a mistake and that the way of the individual and the arcane can be a good way for a Dwarf to live. The idea of how relieved his own family might be to get rid of their "flawed gem" or even WHY his uncle chose Mak'ren to be the one to go, hasn't even crossed the young Dwarf's mind…

Poppy Tealeaf

Halfling Druid

Poppy Tealeaf, the daughter of a wealthy and prominent tea merchant in Venturis, found joy away from the endless etiquette lessons her mother jammed down her throat in a small corner of her family’s sprawling estate where she learned to listen to nature and harness the power of She-Who-Weeps as a druid.


Poppy ran away from home shortly after her father announced that she would be wed to Byron Sweetgum, the heir of a sugar growing family outside Okasas. She has disguised herself in a human child’s clothes and avoids cities and crowds in fear of being recognized, dragged back to her father, and stuffed back into her corset (both literally and figuratively). When she heard of a need to map the wilderness, she signed up. She doubts she’ll be recognized out in the desert, and maybe she can even find her own life out there.

Xominus Dunar

Half-Elf Rogue

Xonius is a simple half elf who enjoys socializing and a fair game of cards. He's been known to take odd jobs here and there helping find lost items and, for the right price, lost people. He never looks away from an honest day's work and thinks that finding the easier route is cheatin'. Xonimus took his current job to get out there and see what sort of fine people he can meet all over the Ka'alban frontier. He's going to miss the people he leaves behind, but when adventure calls, you have to answer. Oh by the way, most of what you just read is a down right lie. Most of it. Pick the parts you want, and flip them a little bit. That might get you closer to the truth. I tell you what... can you keep a secret? You can? Well so can I...

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