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Red Dirt DnD is an Oklahoma-based actual-play D&D 5e podcast.


In the country of Rutoya, a caravan sets out from the city of Venturis on a journey to an area known as the Ironwoods. The caravan, wanting to escape conflict in the East, has found themselves opening up a whole new bag of worms that they were not prepared for.  Accompanying the caravan is our peculiar group of adventurers who each have their own motivations for going on the journey.  It is up to the strange adventurers to stop any dangers that may harm the caravan. Goblins, outlaws and maybe even a dragon? Who knows what lurks deep in the Ironwoods.

Join our players on an epic, weekly journey to uncover the secrets of the Ka'alban Frontier!

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New episodes every Wednesday!

*Every Sunday for Patreons

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